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Friday, November 26, 2010

Tips In Modeling

There's a lot of people out there love to pose or have interest in being a model. Being a model is not that easy. Being a model doesn't mean that you got to have a good figure, good features, nice skin, beautiful/handsome and etc. But you have to know the basic of being a model.

As my experience being a model, model and talent coordinator, i will share with you the tips in modeling.

The main factor in modeling is the face character. In a way to make people understand your character in the picture from your face character is you have to feel the character. The other way is to talk to yourself.
Example, you want to play the anger character, You have to talk to yrself (from inside), a dialogue eg. " Do u think that i'm afraid of you?" or "You deal with a wrong person" or "I'm gonna kill ya". From there you could successfully produce the best face character.

The second factor is body language. When you understand your character, automatically body language will change.

Third is you should not feel afraid, embarrassed or shy even though you're posing at a public area, where there's a lot of people around you. The tips is, Close your eyes, and think about yr character and feel like you are in your own world, there's nobody around you. You have to deal with your own fear. Again, you have to talk to yourself, in terms to motivate yourself..
photoshoot of Honeya on 24th Nov 2010

Fourth, never EVER LET YOURSELF SPOIL YOUR OWN MOOD... Example, there's a talent coordinator wanted to teach you or create the best pose for you, don't feel angry if you can't do it. Think positive. Don't give so much reason or too much complain. It would definitely distracted your mood. This is the most important. If you don't control your anger, the entire photoshoot will definitely spoiled. and you can't even produce a good picture that suit the character needed. Put aside any of personal problem and more focus on your pose and character. and DON'T EVER COMPLAIN TOO MUCH..

I'll share with you more tips in modeling, keep on reading my blog..


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