"Kadang-Kadang kita perlu letakkan ego kita ketepi supaya orang yang kita sayang tahu yang kita sayangkan dia........."

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.."

akulah para pencari-Mu, akulah yang merindukan-Mu ya rabbi,hanya di jalan-Mu ya Allah,tempatku pasrahkan hidupku..

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Forgiving You, Forgiving Me

To forgive is not so hard to do
To forgive is quite simple
To forgive you is easy to do
I smile just thinking of you

To forget is what i wish to do
To forget is what i want to do
To forget what you put me through
To forget is not as simple as loving you

To forget is not as easy when you can be so cheezy



Note : I'm having Bad Flu and Bad Fever today.. Juz Leave Me aLone. Begging to everyone,juz dun ruin my life anymore, Let me Live..;(


  1. wah.. honeydy.. hebat nyer kamu skrg ni.. erm.. by the way.. erm...... for me.. it's really hard to forget memory from the past.. erm....... love make me sick!

  2. They say, take time to forgive and forget. I chose to forgive. But not to forget. Never.

    Honey, take care of yourself. Hold up. ;)

  3. Sekeping Hati : Hebat ape ye? I'm juz normal person. tkde ape yg istimewa. Love is Sucks..

    Cahaya : Forgive almost Done. Forget halfway done.. SIngle is Better sometimes.. You too, jgn asek nanes aje, kang rotan, maw..?

  4. enough with depression, forgiving is the best way to get rid the depression...

    Hope you'll be better next time...
    (Go to the doctor if you feel sick...)

  5. wishing you a fast recovery and blissful days ahead.

  6. Zamspotte : InsyaAllah.. Will do.. thanx...

    Dr.Sam : thanx doc. it juz i will get sick if i'm stress. but i will try to control it.

  7. Honey, can't wait to share you the results. Haha. I can't help not to look at the scale. Sorry. ;)