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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pilih Kasih Weekly Concert, RTM Senawang

For this post, I would like to share with you about "Pilih Kasih" Weekly Concert (2nd concert) that I went last week. This Weekly Concert will be held at RTM, Senawang at 8.00pm every Saturday (left 8 more weeks).

It was totally different from the first concert. It’s totally unpredictable performance. I was really shocked and impressed. Credits to D, he works really hard on it. They (Pilih Kasih Student) really performed well on the stage, especially when comes to the theater part, called "Kuala Lumpur Menjerit". Zurin, which is not really that performed on the previous concert, showed really good improvement. She really makes her part become alive. Well done dear. I almost cried, till someone beside me was looking at me, waiting to make fun on me if I cried. Duuhh... plz D. I know you want to cry as well.. You are not good in pretending kay.. kuikui..:) Congrats to Ana Dahlia and Ray as well. It's an unbelievable impact to the audience.

But when comes to the climax part of the concert, it makes me so upset with the result. Well, I can't point fingers to Rosyam Noor actually, because he himself was really shocked on the 3 actors that listed as the 3 lowest percentage of the SMS VOTES, that he has to choose one of them due to the elimination process ( Sofian Bujang, Ray and Zurin). He almost cried, when the time he wants to announce the name. And finally he announced... "Ray,awak bukan pelakon yang saya cari". Damn. I and D were not satisfied with the result. Ray was performed well that night. Might be it's not his luck that night. He has a good attitude. He(Ray) still remember me, as the one who take care of the contestant during the audition at Plaza Alam Sentral,Shah Alam. Cool.. :) He was been treated like a big brother and a leader by all the 'Pilih Kasih' students (well, we actually called them actor). And he is one of the choreographer in the academy. But the decision has been made.D was upset too.

After the concert ended, I was mingled around with Rosyam's kids and Didie Alias's kids as D was busy with the crews. They were close to me (i love the kids so much) since before. They are very polite and well-mannered.

D was very nice to me that night. Love it. I could even see he's smiling all night. Thanx D. After kissing D's hand, so, i drove back home. Alone. I’m exhausted and sleepy as well. But not to worry, there's a way for me to stay awake... What is it? Well, making my own concert in the car, singing like hell. Well, no doubt, i am driving alone at that time, so nothing much that I can do.

So, who want to join me for this week concert? I bet you won't regret watching it. :)

Btw, wish me luck on my casting today for Celcom TV Commercial. :)

Till here.. Have a nice Day..

Love You All.. Love You so much D. Hope u're fine over there. Mish everything bout u.. Yeaayy.. :)

Truely by,


  1. Join you? Wow bestnya! But that day ade PMI kan? And Eddy still owe me those tickets. Dah tanya banyak kali dah. Call pun bukan dia reti angkat. If u jumpa dia bagitau I nakkkkkk sangat tiket PMI tu. Tq Honey.

  2. ticket ape.. i tanye dia.. "ala, tiket tu". tk ckpun tiket ape. maleh nk tanye lbh lnjut. Dia mmg susah nk angkat phone sbb sgt ramai call dia berkali-kali n he quite bz at da moment. PMI tu ape eh.. kuikui.. :)

  3. pesta malam indonesia. I nakkkkk sangat tgk SheilaOn7. I nak tgk DEWA gak. pastu nak tgk GiGi. pendek kata nak tengok semualah! :P

  4. huhu.. owh. nnti me ckp kt dia. tgk muka dia je kang trus speechless, lupa ape nk ckp. sama je dia tuh.kuikui.. :P

  5. saya mahu turut mengikuti..... boleh??


  6. Zesty: pjg nyer nama awak.. nak ikut? of coz. jom.. :)

  7. wow.. bestnye.. adoi.. nk join jugak.. huhu

  8. Sekeping Hati : Mari2 join.. if nk leh konvoi skali..