"Kadang-Kadang kita perlu letakkan ego kita ketepi supaya orang yang kita sayang tahu yang kita sayangkan dia........."

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.."

akulah para pencari-Mu, akulah yang merindukan-Mu ya rabbi,hanya di jalan-Mu ya Allah,tempatku pasrahkan hidupku..

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


People nowadays tends to Fight without knowing the reason why they are fighting for. They just love to fight without thinking the circumstances that would come at the end. Example:
A : I hate that girl.
B : Then what would u do?
A : I want to fight the girl for being so arrogant
B : Did she interrupted your life?
A : No
B : Then why are you fighting her
A : She's so arrogant
B : But again, did she ever interrupted your life?
A : No she didn't
B : So, what are the reason you want to fight the girl as the girl didn't interrupted your life. Unless she did interrupted nor interrupting your life. So no point you are fighting with her.
A : Errr........

From here, A know what are he's fighting on but he's eventually don't even know the reason WHY he's fighting for as the girl didn't even interrupted his life. So again here, before you fight for something, you have to REALLY KNOW the REASON WHY you are fighting for regardless on whatever things or matters that you are fighting on.

Peace No War.!
Cheers..! =)

Honeya the Peace Lover


  1. Cahaya : thx. it suddenly came to mind when i'm driving at the time

  2. i like this post also... izin share in my blog as well.. hope you dont mind.. :) thank you..

  3. Dang Nadiah : sorry for the late reply. Well, surely u can share the link to your blog. =) I'm glad to share my thoughts with others..